Emergency Preparedness

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Found through this resource are needs listed from the LCA members themselves, services provided by LCIA member companies and a list of links to local and state government resources that may be of assistance in continuing or restarting operations after the storm has passed. 

DEQ Emergency Order for Tropical Storm Cindy 

NOAA  NWS  4pm Tropical Storm Cindy Update

Fellow LMR Port Security Workgroup Members,

Please see attached 4:00PM Briefing and Below:

Here are the slides with the 4pm advisory information for Tropical Storm Cindy.  

The only real difference from the 2pm briefing is that we have strengthened some of the wording concerning the heavy rain and flash flooding potential beginning tonight. We have increasing confidence in the potential for life-threatening flash flooding - especially across the Mississippi Gulf Coastal counties and extreme southeast Louisiana.  There is now a MODERATE  to HIGH RISK of excessive rainfall in these areas.

We are starting to see rain bands and squalls producing tropical storm force wind gusts near the coast, and these bands are expected to continue moving slowly inland through tonight.

We will send email updates following each advisory, and our next webinar will be held at 2pm tomorrow afternoon.