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COVID-19 Government Orders and Resources

Reopening Phase I Executive Order 

Stay At Home Order (Extended through 4.30.2020)

AMENDED DEQ Emergency Order (Second Version, 3.27.2020)

Louisiana Loan Portfolio Guaranty Program

LDEQ COVID-19 Emergency Order

Kean Miller Explanation of DEQ Emergency Order

CISA Critical Infrastructure Workforce Memorandum (3.28.2020)

Currently, chemical facilities of all types in Louisiana are implementing industry best practices focused on employee health and safety, including:


  • Maintaining social distancing protocols in the management of shift changes, environmental health and safety interventions, compliance activities and permit management to minimize any contact among individuals
  • Conducting Critical Activity Assessments at each operating location
  • Directing all non-essential personnel to work from home
  • Cancelling or postponing all large-scale employee gatherings, including:
    • Closure of canteens and on-site cafeterias
    • Limiting the number of people in kitchens and break rooms and provide seating with appropriate distancing for each employee

Control Room Protocols:

  • Isolating operators as much as possible
  • Implementing preventive measures in control rooms to limit person-to-person contact, such as:
    • Dayshift personnel are not to enter the control room
    • Contractors and maintenance workers are not to enter the control room
    • Preventive measures to limit person-to-person contact

Site Entry & Access:

  • Screening all employees, contractors and visitors on site, including:
    • Temperature scans of all who enter the site
    • Questionnaire regarding travel and risk exposure
    • Requiring of all employees to self-report temperature daily before coming to work
    • Limiting site access to direct production and maintenance personnel only
  • Instituting new access segregation protocols at all facilities to screen and minimize the number of incoming visitors, contactors and service providers, including drivers and delivery personnel
  • Deploying enhanced contractor screening and segregation protocols at facilities that are undergoing construction

Shift Schedule Management:

  • Segmenting groups into teams to maximize[KM1]  redundancy and protect against virus spread
  • Implementing segregating shift rotations with an emphasis on keeping employee groups safely separated as much as possible to prevent exposure
  • Dividing critical skills into smaller groups
  • Conducting shift relief without face-to-face contact 
  • Eliminating all overseas travel
  • Eliminating all domestic air travel, unless specifically approved and authorized in advance

Cleaning and Disinfection:

  • Disinfecting and cleaning control room surfaces, kitchens and break rooms at the end of each shift, with additional emphasis on high touch surfaces
  • Increasing sanitation of break rooms and prescriptive guidance for shared use appliances and equipment
  • Posting and distributing CDC-recommended actions, including health checklist and self-quarantine guidelines, to employees and contractors to reduce exposure
  • Educating employees on best personal, work and household practices to prevent the spread of infection, including additional hand washing, using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol and the proper notification protocols in case employees or family members are sick


  • Activating emergency preparedness plans like those in effect for hurricane and extreme weather events
  • Reviewing and managing product inventories, feed stocks, spare parts and supplies for potential outage or supply chain disruption
  • Enhancing and testing IT network to facilitate telework connectivity, access and security for all employees equipped with company provided laptops

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