Scientific advances have improved the medicines we take to improve our health. Similarly, new technology, scientific data and environmental science have made the manufacturing process safer for people and the environment. Chemical companies have dedicated billions of dollars to upgrade facilities with new environmental technology, including extensive air and water monitoring investments. The newest facilities, including ones being built right now in our parishes, are constructed with the latest technology and cutting-edge environmental science initiatives to provide employees and communities with the best available health and safety processes and work environments.

Providing for a Cleaner Tomorrow

The Louisiana Chemical Association and its member companies are committed to finding real solutions both to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their operations and to protecting the jobs that the chemical industry supports throughout the state.
LCA Climate Change Positions



Working to eliminate waste

Shell's dedication to waste reduction includes development of the innovative
process of pyrolysis, which allows hard to breakdown plastics to be recycled
into high-end chemicals, reducing plastic waste and creating needed products.
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Improving air quality

Through adherence to stringent air quality controls, the chemical industry is
reducing particulate matter (PM) in the air and creating a cleaner environment.
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Stewarding cleaner local landscapes

Through programs like DOW's partnership with the Nature Conservancy, the chemical industry is helping preserve some of our area's
important local habitats.
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The chemical industry empowers sustainability

Through rigorous dedication to science and collaboration with government,
business leaders and universities, the chemical industry is helping to
advance sustainable practices.
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