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LCA Responds to Climate Action Plan

The following is a statement from Louisiana Chemical Association President Greg Bowser regarding Governor John Bel Edwards’ Climate Initiatives Task Force Climate Action Plan

“The Louisiana Chemical Association and our member companies are committed to finding real solutions to protect the world around us without jeopardizing the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Louisiana workers. While I voted in support of Gov. Edwards’ Climate Action Plan, I remain concerned about certain provisions that could threaten our state’s most important industries and largest job creators.

As history has shown time and again, America’s free market is the most effective way to create organic innovations that increase efficiencies while decreasing environmental impacts. Imposing abrupt and burdensome demands for renewable energy could result in less electricity being available across the state, impacting our everyday lives and ability to meet basic needs. Louisiana’s market should determine just how low companies’ emission thresholds should be, not state regulations.

Louisiana’s chemical industry is at the forefront of reducing emissions and creating products that make our daily lives more sustainable and higher quality. We’ve utilized the latest technologies and science to reduce emissions by 75 percent over the last 30 years, all while production has increased in the state.

We are helping to make products like reusable plastics that are vital for a cleaner future. We are integrating renewable energy and lower-carbon solutions into the entire continuum of our business.

Our industry has been, and will continue to be, a leader in environmental investments that are based in science and innovation while simultaneously creating opportunities for our workforce and our communities.

Louisiana’s approach to world climate challenges must balance the needs of the entire state and its future generations. I look forward to working with the state and others in not only achieving emissions reductions, but achieving it in a way that does not do undue harm to Louisiana as an economic engine.”


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