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LCA Statement Regarding CF Industries, ExxonMobil and EnLink Carbon Capture and Storage Announcement

“Louisiana’s chemical industry is at the forefront of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Today’s announcement with Governor Edwards, CF Industries, ExxonMobil and EnLink is just the latest commitment to new investments and projects that bring Louisiana closer to achieving net zero by 2050. For 50 years, carbon capture and storage has proven to be a safe way to prevent carbon emissions from ever reaching the atmosphere. From capturing the carbon, to transporting it, to storing it, we have full confidence in the industry’s ability to fulfill our commitments to community safety and to reducing our carbon footprint in Louisiana.


“For the past 30 years, we have reduced emissions 75 percent and we are not stopping there. Announcements like today’s make that clear. From creating carbon-free hydrogen to creating lightweight, fuel-efficient plastics, chemicals are essential to the low carbon future; we are proud to be building the future here in Louisiana.”  

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